No Spirit


Trapped inside the earth

It billows garden-side

Trapped inside the earth

We burrow in wine


Raise your somnolent limbs

To the sunken king

Lift your hollow hands

To praise the fallen one

Grey Mother

Grey mother is fallen

In a restless rage, in pallid grave light I call

The fortunate one at rest

Call your name, I rest my head

Against you of the sun

Grey Mother

The well inside your bones

Overflows, spills into the ocean

Mournful bells ring for you

Call your name, I shred my voice

Until I can't speak

Grey Mother


I couldn't stay


Toe to toe

With the King of the Dead

Temple burns

And I'm one with them there

I am living

In transgression

And I'm alive

When I burn

So I live to worship myself

Lie in leaves

To make your grave there

For the fall

At least

In November

I'll be older

Than I've ever been

Even in dreams

So I live to worship myself


After sunrise, arboreal morning fire

After sunrise, I will cleave open my eyes


Ephemeral, unkind

Unfolding hound

Death can't hold me

Worm / Serpent


O eternal worm

The serpent wreathed in flame

O low worm

Ceaseless, waxen, lost

O eternal worm

Crawled forth in your name

O low worm

Restless, ashen, crossed


I bring to light


All my pillars

Would've fallen as God

I fall from life

In fitful sleep

A thousand branches

Are born from my arms