Be Felt


They crook gnarled black finger

Rail-thin and venom-bound

Brother in thicket grown thicker

Strung high, bright guileless eyes

They crook gnarled black finger

Brother, strung high

Cut him down

For A Name

I wished for a name to call my own

I wished for a rock not heaven-thrown

In this place without and within

I would own myself, call home this skin

Subsist on burnt crow and broken bone

First fist struck in spite of bent-back crone

Solace for our sins, undevout

I would own myself, cut free from doubt

If You Try

If you try to fill the air

You'll be met by my cell

Cold bone brick and thin veil prayer

Fingers wander through your hair

Some condemned man

In Pupil, In Blue

Slim skull girl in gold smoke shell

You reached for me, nothing caught

Nothing caught

Dry bone well in pupil, in blue

I drank of you, nothing caught

Nothing caught

Bitter, Woven

My right hand

Bitter pylon

Crushed inside

Crushed within

Of Sorts

Of sorts

I'm a person of sorts

With no tether

To chamber with face

In this cistern

This one I've worn thin

I'm faithless

A shadow-lacking wraith

I'm not of god

I'm not his half-alive

The core

I'm a bastard to the core

I'm mis-born

A vile, imperfect blade

I'm not of god

I'm not his half-alive


Please don't save the rest for me

Please don't save the best for me


Smoke skin, a reckoning

Time won’t be unkind to you

Kissed dry, felt in eye

Visualized a life or two

Never scared, never warned

Coincide inside the whirl

Dirt left spilled fills our eyes

Child here nods and serpentines

Felt skin in promising

I have been unkind, untrue

Felt him beckoning

I would blind myself for you


Oh my god I'm tired

Of harboring an ant pile in my ribs

Oh my god I'm tired

Of sifting through the deluge eyeless

Smoke of a god I'm longing for

Can't find them in this place or within

Smoke of a god I've casted out

Exhale blood and breath and degenerate

Oh my god I'm tired

Of stalking over mountains on my knees

Oh my god I'm tired

Of drowning fathom deep in bones